English summary

An apartment is more than just walls and a ceiling. It’s a home. We at Amlövs know this and our philosophy is simple: We want to give our tenants an accommodation that is safe and comfortable. In other words – a home to long for.

We are a private real estate company based in Gothenburg with 839 apartments which we own and manage. We have properties in Lunden, Örgryte, Kallebäck, Högsbo, Fräntorp, Krokslätt and Kortedala.

How to apply for an apartment

We don’t have our own housing queue. All vacant apartments are advertised through the website HomeQ. We choose to advertise the apartments on HomeQ to make the process for applicants as fair as possible. We want everyone to have a chance to see our vacant apartments and the opportunity to apply for them. It is free to apply for an apartment through HomeQ and you can easily register with your BankID.

You apply for our apartments at www.homeq.se.

When you need service in your apartement

If you need help in your apartment, make a report via Mina sidor here on our website. The janitor in your area will contact you to book an appointment.

You make a service report at Mina sidor.

Payment options for rent

We offer three different ways to pay the rent: direct debit, e-invoicing or paper invoice in your mailbox.

Direct debit
Direct debit is an environmentally friendly and flexible way to pay your rent. The rent is automatically deducted on the last banking day of each month in the account specified. The only thing you need to do is make sure that there is money for the entire rent on the due date, which is the last banking day of the month.

Register directly via your internet bank. Enter your payer number, which is your social security number (12 digits and without hyphens).

E-invoice is a flexible and environmentally friendly way to pay your rent. You connect via your internet bank.  You need to fill in your details such as your payer number, which is your social security number (12 digits and without hyphens).

When you sign up for an e-invoice, you will receive your invoice directly to your internet bank.

Paper invoice
If you want to receive your invoice on paper to your mailbox. They are sent out quarterly by our bank, Handelsbanken. Paper invoice Fee SEK 10 / month will be added.

Facts about us

  • Apartments839
  • Number of properties16
  • Number of employees11
  • TurnoverAround MSEK 80
  • Solar cell systems4
  • Serviceindex88,9 (2023)